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2012 Korea Bojagi Forum exhibitions

Previous Korea Bojagi Forums

The seed for the Korea Bojagi Forum began to sprout in 2010 when Chunghie Lee curated four exhibitions of traditional and contemporary Bojagi, Joomchi and Korean Dress for the European Patchwork Meeting held in Alsace, France. Inspired by the global attendance at EPM meetings, Lee wanted to create an international event in Korea focused on the bojagi (wrapping cloth) tradition.

The first Korea Bojagi Forum was held  Aug. 18-26, 2012 at Heyri Artists Village near Seoul on the theme From Rich Tradition to Contemporary Art to examine traditional bojagi and its contemporary potential. The successful event, sponsored by the Korea Arts Council, included lectures by Korean and international textile experts, workshops, five exhibitions of bojagi-inspired work by Korean and international artists, and a post-conference cultural tour. Artworks from the Forum exhibitions were included in several exhibits that toured internationally during 2013.

The second Forum was held on Jeju Island, Aug. 24-31 2014 on the subject From Rich Tradition to Contemporary Sustainable Textile.  Five galleries in the Jeoji Artists Village hosted the Forum exhibitions, which provided an array of antique and contemporary examples of bojagi and joomchi from Korean and international perspectives. Lectures featured leading Korean and international experts. Hands-on workshops included bojagi, joomchi and persimmon dyeing. A cultural tour of Jeju Island and a post-conference tour featuring  museums in Seoul were offered.  Several major exhibitions of bojagi and joomchi were held in Korea, Europe and the US following the 2014 Forum.   

A warm invitation is extended for the 2016 Forum Sept. 1-4 2016, Bojagi the Living Tradition, in Suwon/Hwasung, a location which promises a rich blend of the historic and contemporary.

The International Bojagi Forum successfully connects Korea and the world, tradition and contemporary, yesterday and today. 

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Past Forum Exhibitions

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Student exhibitions of Bojagi work at the 2014 Forum:

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Student collaborations: above left, International University of the Arts, Romania;  Phnom Penh International Institute of the Arts, Cambodia; right, University of the Arts, Philadelphia. Below left: RISD student collaboration, right, Jeju University student collaboration.

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2016 Forum Exhibitions

View the gallery exhibitions from the 2016 Forum in Suwon Hwasung here: