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Korea Bojagi Forum 2016 September 1-5, Suwon, South Korea. Bojagi is the traditional Korean folk art of making wrapping cloths for household storage and ceremonial use. Bojagi, first sewn in the 15th century by anonymous women in small villages, now inspires artists of the 21st century throughout the world. Bojagi has been introduced to the western world over the past 30 years, and Korea Bojagi Forum 2016 is designed to continue the work begun in 2012, to provide a meaningful, comprehensive multicultural survey of Bojagi, exploring its origin, materials, uses, historical background, and creative transformations.


2016 International Korea Bojagi Forum

The Third Biennial Conference on the Korean wrapping cloth and patchwork tradition

Bojagi – The Living Tradition 

September 1-4, 2016    

Place: Suwon / Hwaseong, a UNESCO designated historic Fortress city on the outskirts of Seoul. Built in 1794, much of the city has been restored to its former glory, and now houses museums, galleries and sporting events.  Lectures and exhibitions will be held in the historic architectural environments of the Sima Museum (Suwon I Park Museum of Art) and the Suwon/Hwasung Museum.


The Forum includes the following events:

National and International Scholars Lecture Series  

Speakers in morning sessions Sept. 1-4 include experts from many parts of world on bojagi and its place in Korean culture and  textile art, and its impact on global textile art and contemporary art. Lecture Facilitator: Jiseon Lee Isbara.

Forum Exhibitions August 30-September 4:

Many exhibitions will be on view for the duration of the conference.

Antique Bojagi from Museum collections

Contemporary Bojagi featuring works by Korean artists and Reinterpreted Bojagi  by international artists.

New York Textile Study Group Miniature Exhibition  featuring 30 artists, coordinated by Patricia Malarcher.

Malarcher_Furrows “Furrows,” Patricia Malarcher

  International Joomchi Exhibition  (Korean textured paper) featuring artists from Korea and several countries, curated by  Jiyoung Chung..

•  Bojagi-Inspired Solo Exhibition by Eun-Kyung SuhUniversity of Minnesota, Duluth.

• Group shows of artists from Switzerland and Finland.

• Retrospective exhibition of  work by RISD students in Bojagi classes.

• Solo exhibition by Australian artist Marianne Penberthy.

Special featured exhibition by internationally  known Korean contemporary artists. Details to be announced.

Additional Exhibitions nearby

  •  Suwon Gyubang Art & Craft Institute Annual Member Exhibition.

  • National Bojagi Competition Exhibition.




Hands-on experience with Korean traditional textile techniques taught by experts in their fields are offered in afternoon sessions Sept. 3-4: Bojagi Making,  Saeksil Quilting, Korean traditional dyeing, Joomchi Making, and Sculptural Bojagi. Workshop Coordinator: Hyejin Lee.

4-2.workshop image_°∞Saeksil-Nubi Pouch°± Kyungwoon Museum collection Old Underwear & Needle work_2006_p.134   4-1.workshop image_Obangsaek  Sculptural Bojagi 34-1.workshop image_Korean traditional dyeing workshop 1   IMG_0611 (2)   

Saeksil quilting, bojagi,mini-bojagi sculpture, natural dyeing , joomchi brooches.




Post-Conference Cultural Tour

Sept. 5-7, led by Youngmin Lee. includes Outer Hwaseong, Suwon City, and a visit to Seoul to see the Museum of Korean Embroidery, Dongdaemun Fabric Market, and other notable sights.  An itinerary is available on the Register page.

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Dongdaemun Fabric Market, 2014 tour group with Hur Dong Hwa at Museum of Korean Embroidery, Visiting traditional house on the grounds of the Folk Art Museum, 2014 installation by Do Ho Suh at Museum of Contemporary Art. 



KBF Scholarship program

We are accepting donations to help us provide a unique learning experience  at KBF 2016 for an international student interested in textile traditions and cultural exchange. At the 2014 Forum, students from Cambodia received the scholarship to attend the Forum.

To make a donation to the Scholarship Fund, please visit the REGISTER page and follow the Pay instructions there.

KOREA Bojagi Forum _LOGO     Suwon City