The 2018 Korea Bojagi Forum



Date : Thurs. May 31st –Sun. June 3rd,  2018
Venue : SETEC  (Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention Center)

held in conjunction with Hanok, the Korean Traditional Architecture Expo.

Forum Exhibitions

Part I: Korea: Beyond Bojagi , International Artists Solo and Group Exhibitions  of bojagi-inspired contemporary artworks at the Seoul Trade & exhibition Center May 31-June 3, 2018.

Part II: New York City: Bojagi an Evolving Tradition,  Korean artists group exhibiiton of tradition-based Bojagi art, Clemente Center, September 70 October 6, 2018

Forum Lectures Thursday, May 31

Sara Cook -UK, Maryse Allard Le Roux – France, Yoko Kubota – Japan, Marielle Huijsmans – Netherlands, Raija Kokienen – Finland.

Pre-Forum Workshop Wednesday, May 30 

For International visitors to the Korea Bojagi Forum: One-day pre-Forum workshop on making traditional hand stitched bojagi taught by a Korean Master. Hosted by Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, the workshop will include a visit to the university gallery’s exhibition of traditional and historic Korean fabrics and costumes.

Workshop fee: $US120 and materials fee is $US30 

Download a Workshop registration form here

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2018 국제보자기포럼

일시 : 2018.05.31 목 – 06.03 일
장소 : 서울무역전시 컨벤션센터 SETEC(Seoul Trade Exhibition&Convention)

한옥 건축 박람회와 함께 서울 무역 전시 컨벤션 센터에서 개최됩니다.

‘한국 보자기’에서 영감을 받은 예술가들이 Bojagi and Beyond 전시회에 대한 심사 위원으로 초대되었습니다. 우리는 경계를 시험하고 그 너머로 나아가는 전통 예술 형식의 재해석을 모색합니다.
출품작은 포럼 전시 및 풀 컬러 카탈로그에 게재됩니다.

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