The Korea Bojagi Forum


Installation by Eunsook Lee

Each of us is a unique thread …

  • Neungki Kim
    Neungki Kim
    Mosi (ramie) chogakbo
  • Mihae Si
    Mihae Si
    Chogakbo- pieced bojagi
  • Kyesook Shin
    Kyesook Shin
    Full Autumn, chogakbo
  • Cheongsil Lee
    Cheongsil Lee
  • Yea Gum Jung
    Yea Gum Jung
    Korea Fantasy 2, chogakbo
  • Kyounghee Kim
    Kyounghee Kim
    The Peony, chogakbo, silk, natural dyes
  • Junghee La
    Junghee La
  • Haehong Chang
    Haehong Chang
    Red, chogakbo
  • Jungsook Lee
    Jungsook Lee
    silk, embroidery, reproduction of antique bojagi
  • Eun Sil Lee
    Eun Sil Lee
    E-co Green, embroidered chogakbo
  • Young Won Kwon
    Young Won Kwon
    Ramie chogakbo
  • Sung-Hee Kang
    Sung-Hee Kang
    Ramie chogabo with embroidery
  • Yeon Hee Moon
    Yeon Hee Moon
    Happiness, natural dyed paper, Joomchi

… woven into one beautiful fabric.

Slide show features bojagi and joomchi works by contemporary Korean artists.


Many threads make up the fabric of Bojagi. Bojagi is the traditional Korean folk art of making wrapping cloths. Today, Bojagi inspires many influential artists of the 21st century throughout the world.

The 2018 Korea Bojagi Forum

May 31st – June 3rd 2018

held in conjunction with Hanok, the Korean Traditional Architecture Expo  at the at the Seoul Trade and Exhibition Convention Center.